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Ginger Lehmann's specifically designed ATLAS Quad bike allows for the surveying of hard to access areas. The ATLAS allows for the surveying of the entire network length getting to areas previously inaccessible of a traditional asset capture vehicle. 

The ATLAS operates with high-definition image capture technology for capturing street-level GPS-referenced imagery. The cameras are positioned in a 360-degree coverage area which allows for a fully captured asset survey. The data is in turn utilised for compiling asset inventory datasets and for conducting condition

assessments on your critical infrastructure. The geographical position of your assets is recorded with a military-grade Applanix navigation system supported by a high-grade inertial measurement system and differential correction, ensuring the most accurate position is always recorded, whatever the survey environment. 


Our ATLAS quad vehicle enable us to map infrastructure assets across the entire breadth of your highways network covering assets within the carriageway, footways, cycleways and remote sections that would otherwise be inaccessible. Consequently, we can support you in establishing and maintaining an accurate asset register year on year.  


“Holding high quality and up-to-date highway asset data is a fundamental building block of any asset management strategy.”


Prior to surveying, we will consult with you to define the survey from end to end including the physical extent of the survey, the assets, attributes and condition assessments to be collated, and delivery formats for the video and asset data. The survey is highly customisable, which is critical in enabling you to manage your data needs and budgets as part of a long term asset management strategy.  

We can collect in excess of 50 different asset types, categorised as point, linear or polygonal items, alongside core attribute and visible condition information. In order to provide some guidance on the types of asset collected, many of which are required for Whole of Government Account submissions.

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