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Updated Case Study - Warrington Borough Council’s Highways Asset Management Journey

A newly released case study can be found on our company website within Case Studies. The case study is as follows:

At Ginger Lehmann, we aim to work in partnership with our clients and our work with Warrington Borough Council exemplifies how our surveying services can provide the foundations upon which an ambitious, progressive and hard-working authority can evolve and improve through development of a strong highways asset management framework.

Warrington Borough Council, a unitary authority located in the county of Cheshire, has a resident population of approximately 209,000 people and the predominantly urban network covers approximately 1,130km, a network that is heavily trafficked, by both people and motor vehicles. Warrington Council’s ambition has been to bring about substantive improvements in the local road network, to improve user experience, reduce reactive spending and achieve greater value outcomes.  

Ginger Lehmann has been providing professional services as a valued partner for in excess of ten years, and Warrington Borough Council have trusted in Ginger Lehmann’s surveying services covering objective SCANNER condition assessments of the classified network, UKPMS accredited Course Visual Inspections of the unclassified network, and Footway Network Surveys across the entire borough’s footway network. Ginger Lehmann have also conducted annual skid resistance surveys to support development of a robust skid policy designed to maximise the safety of the Borough’s highway network for all road users.

In addition to annual condition surveying, the Council have also commissioned high-quality asset video surveying across the Borough, with highly detailed asset inventory data being provided to enable better management of all the Borough’s infrastructure assets.     

The relationship between Warrington Borough Council and Ginger Lehmann continues to strengthen and through use of quality data and an asset management approach, investing in preventative maintenance has led to a reduced spend on reactive works such as pothole repairs, and led to reduced amounts of disruption on the network for maintenance activities.

As part of a previous funding bid, an initial appraisal of Future Highway Funding Strategies report was required. The report utilised the data from SCANNER, CVI, FNS and SCRIM surveys undertaken by Ginger Lehmann, which provided crucial evidence to support the funding bid.

“This report, helped to provide a clear, understandable and robust evidence based report and strategy to enable the asset management team to produce the prudential borrowing bid,” says Jim Turton, Warrington Borough Council’s Engineering and Flood Risk Manager.

“With support from Ginger Lehmann, an excellent pavement management system and asset management consultancy support from our partners, we have been able to demonstrate the potential savings we can achieve as well as the positive impact this funding would have for the residents, businesses and visitors to Warrington. Likewise we have been able to highlight the potential negative impact for citizens, businesses and the council that would arise without the additional funding. We are very pleased with the quality of service, professionalism and production of data in accordance with timescales. In that regard, I am delighted to be working with Ginger Lehmann going forwards.”

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