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20 Years Service Award presented to two team members at Ginger Lehmann

Two team members at Ginger Lehmann: Greg Nelson, our Head of Surveyor Training and Validation, and Andy Sampson, a highly experienced and accredited CVI surveyor, have successfully completed a huge achievement of 20 years of service. Both started working for the company when it was Data Collection Limited and before the company was acquired by Yotta Ltd.

Following our recent acquisition by Ginger Group, both Greg and Andy are now integral to our work as Ginger Lehmann and we want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work, commitment and dedication, and a huge congratulations to you both. We are very proud and pleased to award both Greg and Andy with their 20 years service award.

Greg Nelson

Head of Surveyor Training

20 Years Service

Andy Sampson

CVI Surveyor

20 Years Service

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