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Intro into VCS

 Our newest survey solution allows our UKPMS accredited surveyors to virtually drive through local authorities networks after we have captured the video data, giving the surveyor more time to review the conditions of the network at a pace which reduces the limitation of real time surveying. From our trials while developing this solution we have found that this allows for more precise data to be captured frame by frame through the video. 

This is a huge benefit to our clients like yourself as we now have the ability to pause, zoom in and/or use our rear camera to really integrate the conditions of the sections we are surveying ensuring we can deliver to you the most true to life data as possible.

Along with your standard UKPMS CVI data you would receive in previous years, we will now supply you with front and rear video footage of your network.



Here is a selection of screen shots outlining the video quality and the UKPMS accredited software solution (Notiva) for capturing pavement/footway conditions we use for all our visual surveys throughout the UK. 

Client Testimony 

North Lincolnshire Council VCS 20/21

CVI Video Survey
Video included with survey when data is submitted.


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