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We work throughout the UK with a variety of public and private sector clients to deliver industry-accredited and innovative highway condition surveys, bespoke software and data analysis. We are committed to helping our clients deliver year on year savings and for providing the foundations for driving improvements in highways asset condition for all road users.


The client testimonials below highlight our commitment to excellence, service quality, and our long-term vision to empower our clients to manage all highway infrastructure for maximising the value, safety, serviceability and user enjoyment of the   environment surrounding us.  

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Ginger Lehmann supports Hounslow Highways to deliver better streets across the London Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow Highways is the highways service provider working on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow, responsible for maintaining the roads, pavements and street lighting across the borough, as well as providing a number of other key services including street cleansing, winter maintenance and enforcement. Since January 2013 when their contract started, Hounslow Highways has resurfaced 186km of roads, renewed 205km of pavements and installed 14,483 new LED streetlights. This drive to improve the local highways network and satisfaction of local road users has seen the service achieve  ISO: 55001; recognition of their approach to best practice asset management.


In order to achieve these tangible improvements in infrastructure asset condition across the Borough, Ginger Lehmann has partnered with Hounslow Highways to deliver a variety of UKPMS and bespoke condition surveys over the course of the past 7 years. 


Annually Ginger Lehmann deliver a high-quality Detailed Visual Inspection of the carriageway network, combined with a Footway Network Survey, covering a network of approximately 432 km each year using a dedicated team of eight UKPMS accredited highways inspectors. Beyond UKPMS data collection, we also collect bespoke information designed to support Hounslow Highways with managing the contract at a local level.  


Indeed, through our Quality Working Group; a collaboration between both Ginger Lehmann and the Hounslow Highways asset management team, the Hounslow survey has created strong foundations of UKPMS standard DVI and FNS. With our innovative condition survey, we are also able to incorporate an assessment of tree pits and surrounds, moss growth, ironwork condition, and manhole trip hazards.


All these elements support Hounslow Highways in managing the local network and bringing about significant improvements through targeted maintenance schemes. Satbir Gill, the Hounslow Highways Network Manager, spoke of our working partnership:

"It's a fantastic collaboration that has allowed us to work in synergy towards maintaining the highest standards. I have been delighted with our achievements to date and am even more excited for what we plan to achieve together in the future."


In addition to the network-wide condition assessment undertaken each year by our accredited inspectors, we also supply a highly detailed objective condition assessment through our accredited SCANNER machines, and skid resistance surveying for managing network safety. These surveys also support national reporting at a network level as well as providing key section-level information for supporting treatment decisions and forward works programming. 


Beyond routine annual inspections, we have also completed asset inventory collection across the borough and conducted a high-quality video condition assessment of the Hounslow A and B-road network with respect to drainage issues, whereby we extracted geo-referenced data on the ponding of water across the network including the area (m2) of surface water present. These bespoke surveys have been developed in partnership with Hounslow Highways and delivered successfully by our dedicated employees, through use of the latest assessment techniques and technology.


Ultimately, for all survey projects we have deployed UKPMS accredited surveyors, vehicles and software year on year, delivering high quality data to Hounslow Highways, which in turn has supported the ongoing improvements and asset management of the Borough’s critical infrastructure. We will continue to work closely with Hounslow Highways to support local highways management and improvement objectives for the years to come.