We are a specialist highway surveying company, providing a range of UKPMS and bespoke services to the UK and European markets including SCANNER, Visual Surveys, Skid Resistance assessments, Asset Video, Condition and Inventory Surveys. With data critical to the effective management of highways and infrastructure assets, we are committed to providing both excellent service and unrivalled data quality.





We operate three SCANNER vehicles in the UK, accredited to the highest standards by Transport Research Laboratory. Equipped with a range of sophisticated equipment including laser scanners, accelerometers, GPS and cameras, we capture detailed 3-dimensional condition data related to the surface and structural condition of your carriageway assets. 


Our objective carriageway assessment utilises state of the art technology and we collect information including carriageway cracking, texture, rutting, and profile; with the data fundamental to carriageway maintenance, scheme prioritisation, and longer-term asset management planning. 


We also collect high-grade forward-facing and downward pavement imagery further enhancing the value of the data supplied.


Our data is also compliant with the annual Single Data List reporting requirements of the Department for Transport. 



How do you manage your assets effectively if you don’t know where they are located or how many there are? This is a fundamental question any asset owner must ask if they wish to follow an asset management strategy. 


To support you, we operate high-definition image capture technology for capturing street-level GPS-referenced imagery. This data is in turn utilised for compiling asset inventory datasets and for conducting condition assessments on your critical infrastructure.


Our Asset Capture Vehicle and newly introduced ATLAS Quad Vehicle enable us to map infrastructure assets across your entire highways network covering carriageway, footways, cycleways and remote sections.


We customise the survey to suit your highways network and data requirements, offering bespoke asset and condition information that can inform better maintenance and asset management decisions.

Skid vehicle, a large yellow vehicle with a water tank. Used for asset management for private contractors and local authorities.


We provide cost-effective inspections of all your paved assets, ensuring you have the right data for making engineering decisions, prioritising maintenance, and satisfying the general public and other key stakeholders.


Our visual surveys include UKPMS standard and enhanced Coarse Visual Inspections, Detailed Visual Inspections, Footway Network & Maintenance Surveys, Walked Inventory Surveys and Pothole and Patching surveys. We also hold LANTRA certification for completing routine highways safety inspections.  

All our survey data is collected by accredited highways inspectors using UKPMS accredited software, giving you confidence that the data collected is of the highest quality and can be relied upon for making important investment decisions.



Skid resistance surveys are a vitally important part of managing and improving the safety of your road network and Ginger Lehmann can provide skid resistance surveys using accredited survey vehicles.


We will work with you proactively to advise of the best survey method to fit with your skid policy and our team of GIS technicians are also on hand post-survey to help you get the most from your skid resistance data. 


Once data is made available, additional analysis is possible to compare recorded skid resistance values with locally defined investigatory levels whereby any deficient sites can be investigated on-site as part of a robust, safe, skid policy. 


We are also able to offer GripTester surveys for carriageway assessments and Pendulum testing for skid resistance testing on footways.



Ginger Lehmann Ltd is a specialist highway surveying company, providing a complete range of services to Local Authorities including CVI, DVI, FNS, SCANNER and Asset Video and Inventory. In addition to our surveys, we provide accredited UKPMS data capture software and have an experienced team of GIS technicians who are on hand to help our clients to utilise data to the maximum. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and moving forwards with constant improvements in technology from our Research and Development team.

Ginger Lehmann Ltd is part of Groupe Ginger, a French-based engineering and infrastructure services provider that, as a leader in prescription engineering in France, serves a variety of public and private sector clients in construction, planning, and sustainable development. The Ginger Group and its subsidiaries employ 1,700 people worldwide and with over 60 areas of expertise, Ginger has cultivated multidisciplinary skills and trades, in order to provide its customers with fully integrated solutions. The Group strives for technical excellence through a diversified, complementary and controlled range of services. To meet the most demanding needs and the challenges of the future, Ginger has put research and innovation at the core of its development strategy, an ethos shared by Ginger Lehmann Ltd in the UK surveying market.



Delivering effective Asset Management is central to satisfying all highway stakeholders and we have been providing UKPMS accredited condition surveys for over 20 years. In that time we have remained at the forefront of the industry, supporting the introduction of UKPMS and leading in the development of new and innovative assessment techniques including objective SCANNER assessments and image capture technology for asset data collection.

It is not our intention to stop there however and we understand that under increasing pressure, our clients require the most technologically advanced, customisable, and intuitive condition assessments alongside high quality data visualisations and analysis tools.  Indeed, a good understanding of infrastructure assets combined with analysis of good quality condition data will allow Local Authorities to manage their assets across the network in an optimal way and Ginger Lehmann has found that effective asset management can also enable authorities to leverage additional funding by demonstrating to management and Council members the needs and benefits of investment into their highway assets.


Consequently, we are committed to working in partnership with you to provide the infrastructure condition data and outputs that you require at all levels, as members of the public, highway engineers, asset managers and councillors. This in turn will provide the foundations upon which data analysis and effective decision-making can drive improvements in your critical infrastructure. Through ongoing innovation and collaboration with our fantastic clients and industry colleagues, Ginger Lehmann will continue to strive for technical excellence. 



We firmly believe that under tighter budgets, continuing to collect condition data is essential to help prepare the most efficient and effective ways of managing the highway network for the benefit of all stakeholders. 


Course Visual Inspections

We operate a fleet of 9 CVI vehicles for completing coarse inspections of the carriageway and we can collate information on a variety of defects including minor/major fretting, minor/major cracking, rutting, edge deterioration, and subsidence.

We utilise our in-house developed UKPMS accredited NotaVia software on all our CVI vehicles. Our CVI fleet and surveyors are working across  the UK each week, collecting the highest quality condition data for our valued customers. 

Objective condition assessments 

We have 3 SCANNER vans in our fleet, ensuring we have significant resource available for completing objective condition assessments on all hierarchy roads.


Our accredited vehicles utilise the latest technology including a high grade navigation system incorporating a GPS, IMU and DMI unit, accelerometers and lasers for texture, roughness, and longitudinal profile measurements, and line scan cameras with infrared lighting for providing pavement imagery alongside forward-facing imagery.

Asset Capture Technology

We operate a bespoke multi-camera asset capture van in our fleet. This vehicle was purpose built using the latest image capture technology to allow for the collection and analysis of infrastructure asset data across your highways network. 

We have also recently added our ATLAS quad vehicle to the fleet, which extends our asset capture capabilities to remote footways, cycleways, canal towpaths, and  paved or unpaved forestry pathways.   



Of course what would we do without a dedicated team working together to bring you the highest quality survey data year on year.  

At the heart of Ginger Lehmann is our employees, consisting of 40 highly experienced and accredited highways inspectors collecting data on the condition of your infrastructure assets all around the country and overseas, and our talented office and engineering teams that ensure we utilise state of the art technology and that we maintain the highest standards in provision of our data and services. Thank you to all of the team at Ginger Lehmann!!




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